Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catherine McNeil for Rika Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 issue

Photographer: Driu & Tiago 
 Stylist: Katie Burnett
Hair: Erika Svedjevik 
 Makeup: Georgi Sandev

Catherine McNeil covers Rika Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 issue

Photographer: Driu & Tiago 
 Stylist: Katie Burnett
 Makeup: Georgi Sandev

Lola for BLK on BLK by Romain Duquesne

Photographer: Romain Duquesne
Stylist: Samara Wilson
Hair & makeup: Peter Beard

Matt Purcell for Front Row Suit

Photographer: Guy Coombes
Grooming: Lauren McCowan

Cheyenne Tozzi, Valerija Erokhina & Samantha Harris at the launch of the 2014 OCRF Witchery White shirt campaign!

Cheyenne Tozzi & Valerija Erokhina as featured in the 2014 OCRF Witchery White shirt campaign

Photographer: Carlotte Moye

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jessica Gomes for Harper's Bazaar May 2014 issue

 Photography: Bec Parsons
Stylist: Karla Clarke
Hair & makeup: Claire Thomson

Oyster Magazine's 'Faces of Fashion Week' - Myf Shepherd

"I've been modelling for 7 years, it's more part-time these days. 

I do art, I have a studio in New York. It's part of a collective I started with my boyfriend, there are eleven artists in there I think, and five or six bands. 

I want to do set design eventually, my boyfriend is a set builder. He works for a company that does most Condé Nast projects, like Vogue and stuff. 

I love doing sculpture, sculptures which could be sets, then he helps me turn them it into something real."

source: Oystermag.com

Oyster Magazine's 'Faces of Fashion Week' - Rachel Rutt

"Right now, I'm really heavy into weaving, knitting, and embroidery. I'm part of a weavers guild, I go to a weekly night-time class at the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW, it's a dying art form so I really want people to join.

I went to a spinning class two days ago to learn how to spin wool and I was definitely the youngest person there! Then it occurred to me how amazing it was to start so young because I have all these years to become a master.

Jedda from Desert Designs is a weaver too, we've really bonded over it and we're talking about doing something together.

Plus I've got an exhibition coming up this year too, a photography exhibition of characters and costumes I've created."

source: Oystermag.com

Oyster Magazine's 'Faces of Fashion Week' - Ollie Henderson

"This year's Fashion Week felt very new. Was missing a few big names but had so many emerging new talents. Di$count was a big highlight for me.

It was also very different for me this year as I was launching my new project "Start The Riot."
The aim is the get young people engaged with politics. I hand made 100 t-shirts with positive political slogans on them for people to wear during fashion week.
So on top of the usual FW antics I was also busy in my living room floor sweatshop making tees."

Bianca Spender MBFWA 14, Chic exclusive

Roberta (opened)
Rachel Rutt
Annie Rose
Valerija Erokhina
Amanda Ware
Eden Bristowe
Tess Chrichton
Ollie Henderson
Jade Burton
Tanja G
Stephanie Joy Field
 Ya Ya Deng
Nicole Pollard
Charlotte Lohmann
Sophia Rambaldini
Anneliese Seubert
Myf Shepherd (closed)

source: Vogue.com.au

Jayson Brunsdon MBFWA 14

Jade Burton
Ya Ya
Charlotte Lohmann

source: Vogue.com.au

Emma Mulholland MBFWA 14

Annie Rose (opened)
Rachel Rutt
Nicole Pollard
Amy Finlayson
Matt Purcell
Ollie Henderson
Jade Burton
Myf Shepherd (closed)

source: Vogue.com.au