Monday, October 20, 2014

Roberta Pecoraro in 'NEW GIRL ON THE BLOCK' for Twelv Magazine

Our incredible Roberta looking amazing for Twelv Magazine shot in New York.

Amy Pejkovic talks fitness with ELLE Australia

Our beauty and not to mention Australian high-jump champion Amy Pejkovic shares her secrets with ELLE Australia on how she keeps fit, with 9 training sessions a week this secret is one we don't want to miss... 


How do you like to keep fit?
Being an athlete I train several times a week, including double sessions. I'll wake up early and do a gym session then head to the track that afternoon.  

What does your daily exercise routine involve?
It defiantly varies from day to day; a track session may consist of running, then the next day it can be plyometrics [jump training], high jump technical sessions, gym sessions and Pilates. It all depends on what my coach has programmed for me.  

What’s the best way to motivate yourself?
Picture your goal every single day. I have 1.9 meters and 2.10 meters, which is the world record, measured on the wall in my room. It's a daily reminder of what I'm working towards. 

And your favourite smoothie recipe?
To be honest I don't really have a favourite. But there always has to be bananas and blueberries mixed into it.  

Best snack to keep you energised?
Apples and bananas, or if I'm feeling spontaneous during the day I will cook up porridge, regardless of the fact I have it every day for breakfast. I mix in banana and mixed berries with cinnamon and honey. 

What is the one thing you never fail to do for your body?
Get enough sleep. Sleep is extremely crucial for an athlete, or for any person in fact. Having such long days with training in the morning, shooting during the day, then training in the evening can take its toll on your body. I generally try and take a twenty-minute power nap during the day – that's all your body needs to keep functioning. 

Bree Smith in 'DRESS SENSE'

Our divine Bree Smith for this weeks Sunday Life Magazine in 'Dress Sense'

2014 Melbourne Caufield Cup with Jessica Gomes & Montana Cox!

Our beauties Montana Cox & Jessica Gomes looked absolutely divine at this past weekends annual Caufield Cup in Melbourne this year!

Montana in a stunning custom made Dion Lee dress and Jessica in a flawless Scanlan & Theodore dress, both of our girls looked out of this world beautiful - what a fantastic day!

Friday, October 17, 2014


'Stephanie, A Portrait' by Bowen Arico


Our stunning Stephanie Joy Feild looks divine in this Portrait series created  for Friend by Bowen Arico.

 Photographed by Bowen Arico  
Fashion by Anna Santangelo

Rhianna Porter in 'Dancing Diva' for Bvlgari Magazine's Anniversary Issue

Our fierce Rhianna stuns in the Bvlgari Anniversary issue in 'Dancing Diva'

Sophia & Jai for Ella Bache in 'Scrutin Eyes'

Our flawless Sophia looking insanely beautiful for Ella Bache with one of our top Chic boys Jai in 'Scrutin Eyes.'

Kate Martin for Calvin Klein opening at Macquarie Center

Our beauty Kate Martin looking flawless for the launch of the new Macquarie Center yesterday!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jessica Gomes at the David Jones Macquarie Center Opening!

Looking ahhh-mazing!!

'BOSSED UP' Models As Bad Ass Female Musicians

When we fare welled our beloved Natalia, we all knew there were great things to come...Lucky for us, those 'great things' are here and it's well and truly obvious that her creativity is unstoppable.

We've kicked off  with a 10/10 bad ass photo shoot for Oyster Online featuring Chic Girls Manon as Bjork, Sophia as Madonna, Yaya as Lauryn Hill, Olivia as Sade, Ollie as Siouxie Sioux and Anthea as Jane Birkin.

Yes you read that right and yes it's awesome...

"Jane Birkin was portrayed as a wild sex kitten and she had amazing style that has been timeless — her pictures from the 60s are still fashionable today. I think she is amazing and it was so fun to play dress up and be a bit naughty for the camera haha!"  - Anthea

"I portrayed Lauryn Hill in this amazing shoot. Lauren is an amazing woman and has had a great career as a whole. It was fun because she is someone I look up to and have loved for years. She has always been controversial and consistently speaks her mind. Through her music and career choice Lauryn always looks to speak to her fans and really truly inspire. I loved her performance in the Sister Act 2 and I think that when I truly looked into her life and career. In this shoot we focused on her 90s style — her hairstyle and natural make-up choices. I had heaps of fun...It was so much fun portraying this incredible icon.  I hope she sees this shoot. I think Natalia did an amazing job with this project and I'm glad she chose me to be a part of it." - Yaya

"Madonna will always be the undeniable queen of pop — a label given to her not only due to the popularity of her music but also her controversially outrageous antics that caused international mania and idolisation. To me, Madonna is a fearless entertainer who has always dared to venture into territory that is considered, perhaps, taboo. I would argue that it is this quality that has driven her career to span over decades. Everyone loves a sassy maverick!" - Sophia

"I look at Sade and see a woman oozing with confidence and sex appeal. It's empowering to see a woman be so compelling in such an understated manner." - Olivia

"Siouxie has always been a great inspiration to me, the strength in her voice and performance along with her dynamic aesthetic and powerful attitude gives me courage. Having the opportunity to embody her spirit in imagery was a wonderful experience." - Ollie

Photography: Natalia Parsonson
Stylist: Monique Moynihan @ 2c Management
Hair & Make-up: Margo Regan

New Work: EDEN

Our beauty Eden looking beautiful in black & white in her latest test in Paris.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Amy Finlayson for Christie Nicole's 'The Great Escape'

Our Amy Finlayson takes us to where we'd rather be on these rainy days, featuring in 'The Great Escape' for Christie Nicole.

 Photographer: Ben Sowry
Stylist: Liv Liv Rahmé
Hair & make-up: Anna Milczarczyk

by Kelly Geddes

The incredibly beautiful Valerija looks beautiful as expected in this divine beach side beauty shoot.

 Photographer: Kelly Geddes
MUA: Ania Milczarczyk
Hair: Hamish Glianos

Amy Pejkovic for Lorna Jane Active Living Magazine!

Our star Amy Pejkovic covers the latest issue of Lorna Jane Active Living Magazine.
We LOVE - Amy you are amazing!